Hey everyone!







Welcome to Jon’s English classroom! Here I will help you to learn English every day.

Who am I?

I am an English teacher from England. I have a bachelor degree and a certificate in English language teaching. I have been teaching English in South Korea since 2008. I love learning languages and teaching other people how to learn effectively.

Why is this site any different to the other sites?

There are three main reasons why this site is different to other sites.

First, I am a real English teacher who has studied other languages to a high level. I know how people learn languages, and I love helping people to use the skills I have learned through the years.

Second, I know how to make learning languages fun and interesting! There’s nothing worse than trying to memorize thousands of words of vocabulary and falling asleep from boredom. I can help you enjoy yourself while you learn English.

And finally, this site is completely free. Forget all the lousy sites which give you a bit of badly written information and try and get you to buy something. All my lessons and tips are of the highest quality and free for you to use.

If you like my site, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. You can contact me any time you like, at [email protected]

Let’s go forward together, and have a great time learning English!


One Response to Welcome!

  1. Josh Plotkin says:

    Hey Jon, where are you teaching right now? You should really consider moving to Brazil for your next teaching job. Brazilians are probably the friendliest and warmest people on the planet, and there is a huge demand for native English teachers. There are a lot of intermediate-advanced level students that work for big companies and are given incentives to improve their English. They want to learn how to use idioms and pick up an American/English accent, which means that the 30 or so native speakers in Belo Horizonte get these students all to themselves.

    I really like your site. Some friends and I are going to start doing something similar here, but targeted specifically for Brazilians. Right now we do an English speaking Happy Hour once a month that had over 100 attendees at the last one. I really think we’re doing something special with English teaching here, because we are giving people authentic experiences outside of the classroom where they can practice their English.

    Best of luck to you with your site, and I hope to see you in Brazil one day soon.


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