Short Lesson 7: “Borrow” and “Lend”

Hi guys!

Do you know the difference between “borrow” and “lend”?

Borrow: to take something for some time.
Lend: to give something for some time.


Can I borrow your book? = Can you lend me your book?
He borrowed my bike. = I lent him my bike.
She wants to borrow your pen. = She wants you to lend her your pen.

Many people get confused between “borrow” and “lend”. The main mistake is saying “borrow”instead of “lend”.
Here are some examples:

Please borrow me your car (X)
Please lend me your car (O)

He borrowed me some money (X)
He lent me some money (O)

Borrow him your chair (X)
Lend him your chair (O)

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