Short Lesson 6: “Used to” and “Would”

Used to and Would

Hi everyone!

Today let’s have a look at two similar expressions that can be difficult to use the right way.

They are: “used to”and “would”.

Used to:
- Repeated actions, events or behaviour in the past
- Past states

- Repeated actions, events or behaviour in the past

1. Repeated actions, events or behaviour in the past:
“Would” OR “Used to”
“I used to watch a movie every evening.”
“I would watch a movie every evening.”

“It used to snow in winter.”
“It would snow in winter.”

“She used to smoke cigarettes.”
“She would smoke cigarettes.”

2. Past states:
ONLY “Used to”
“I used to be a student.”
NOT “I would be a student.” (This means “I want to be a student but I can’t.”)
“We used to live in France.”
NOT “We would live in France.” (This means “We want to live in France but we can’t.)

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Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan

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