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Beginner Season 1, Lesson 15: He’s a teacher. She’s an artist.

learn English online free beginner lesson 15 articles and to be

Hello English learners!

Today is the last lesson on Beginner Season 1. But don’t worry- Season 2 will start soon!

In this lesson:
- We will learn the articles “A” and “An”.
- We will practice using the Verb “to be”.
- We will learn some jobs vocabulary.

This is Kimberley.
She’s a student.





This is Stanley.
He’s an accountant.





We use “A” with nouns that start in a consonant sound.
Consonant sounds are the sounds of the other letters in the alphabet: b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y and z sounds.

a pilot (pilot starts with a consonant sound, “p”)
a biologist (biologist starts with a consonant sound, “b”)

We use “An” with nouns that start in a vowel sound.
Vowel sounds are: aeioand sounds.

an umpire (umpire starts with a vowel sound, “u”)
an electrician (electrician starts with a vowel sound, “e”)

Let’s practise!

Practice Questions

Fill in the blank with “a” or “an”.

1. He’s a carpenter.





2. She’s __ insurance agent.





3. He’s __ fire fighter.





4. He’s __ engineer.





5. She’s __ English teacher.





6. He’s __ veterinarian.





7. She’s __ doctor.





8. He’s __ fisherman.





9. He’s __ art student.





10. She’s __ architect.





11. He’s __ lawyer.





12. He’s __ postal worker.





13. She’s __ archaeologist.





14. He’s __ soldier.





15. She’s __ economics professor.






1. He’s a carpenter.

2. She’s an insurance agent.

3. He’s a fire fighter.

4. He’s an engineer.

5. She’s an English teacher.

6. He’s a veterinarian.

7. She’s a doctor.

8. He’s a fisherman.

9. He’s an art student.

10. She’s an architect.

11. He’s a lawyer.

12. He’s a postal worker.

13. She’s an archaeologist.

14. He’s a soldier.

15. She’s an economics professor.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. See you next time!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 14: Countries in North America Mind Map

countries in North America mind map learn English online free

Hey guys!

Today’s lesson is a mind map of the countries in North America.




Click Below for the Countries in North America Mind Map:







(Click here for the PDF)

Example Sentences:

1. Canada is the second largest country in the world.
2. Costa Rica is a wonderful tourist destination.
3. Many famous athletes come from Jamaica.
4. The biggest city in the United States is New York.
5. The Panama Canal is extremely important for international trade.
6. Spanish is spoken in Cuba.
7. Guatemala has some incredible scenery.
8. Belize has a British colonial history.
9. The population of Barbados is 285,000.
10. The Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean.
11. Nicaragua shares borders with Honduras and Costa Rica.
12. A devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010.
13. “The Island of Spice” is another name for Grenada.
14. Saint Lucia is a volcanic island.
15. “Trinidad” is the Spanish word for “trinity”, which means “three”.

Have a great day, and see you next time!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 13: Is Brazil Big or Small?

learn English online free beginner English lesson to be verb lesson 13

Is Brazil big or small?
It’s big.

Hey everybody!

Today we will use the verb to be to describe things. We will also learn lots of useful adjectives.


Question: to be verb +               noun                  +               adjective 1         + or + adjective 2 ?
Is/Are +   Chris/France/curry  + tall/interesting/tasty + or + short/boring/disgusting

Answer: pronoun                 + to be verb + adjective
+       is/are     + intelligent/exciting/cold


1. Is the Queen young or old?
She’s old.





2. Are tigers beautiful or ugly?
They’re beautiful.





3. Is a sports car fast or slow?
It’s fast.





4. Are sofas comfortable or uncomfortable?
They’re comfortable.





Practice Questions:

1. Are elephants heavy or light?
They’re heavy.





2.  Is Tony fat or thin?





3. Is Dubai hot or cold?





4. Are crocodiles green or blue?





5. Are diamonds cheap or expensive?





6. Is Roger tall or short?





7. Is a cave light or dark?





8. Are the shoes clean or dirty?





9. Is Rena happy or sad?





10. Is the car modern or old-fashioned?





11. Is English easy or difficult?





12. Is dancing fun or boring?





13. Is her hair long or short?





14. Is Mark’s skin black or white?





15. Is Annie African or Asian?






1. They’re heavy.

2. He’s fat.

3. It’s hot.

4. They’re green.

5. They’re expensive.

6. He’s tall.

7. It’s dark.

8. They’re dirty.

9. She’s happy.

10. It’s old-fashioned.

11. It’s easy! (at

12. It’s fun.

13. It’s short.

14. It’s black.

15. She’s Asian.

Have a great day!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 12: Countries in Asia Mind Map

picture Asia mind map learn English online free

Hello everyone!

Today’s lesson is a mind map of the countries in Africa. Mind maps are a fantastic way of learning vocabulary. If you print this mind map you can stick it on the wall and learn the English names of these countries.


Click below for the Countries in Asia Mind Map:







(Click here for the “Countries in Asia mind map” printable PDF)

Example Sentences:

1. China has the largest population in the world.
2. Singapore is an island nation.
3. India is a country with many different languages.
4. Malaysia used to be part of the British Empire.
5. Indonesia is an archipelago with over 13,000 islands.
6. Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom in the Middle East.
7. The Maldives is very popular for vacations.
8. Korea has been divided in two since 1945.
9. The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar.
10. Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia.
11. Afghanistan has very harsh winters.
12. Mongolia once had the largest land empire in history.
13. Israel has an incredible history.
14. The capital city of Jordan is Amman.
15. People in Thailand are incredibly respectful of their King.

I hope this lesson was useful for you!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 11: William is Kate’s Husband!

learn english online free to be verb and possessive pronouns beginner lesson 11

Hey everyone!

In this beginner English lesson, we will learn how to use the possessive of nouns with the verb “to be”.





noun        +       to be verb (is/are)       +        possessive of noun (“noun’s”)     +      noun
William    +                 is                         +                    Kate’s                                   +      husband


1. Kei and Yuma
Kei is Yuma’s friend.





2. Rover and Rufus, with Mark
Rover and Rufus are Mark’s dogs.
Mark is Rover and Rufus’s owner.



3. Carlos and Eliza
Carlos is Eliza’s husband.




4. Roberta and Andrew
Roberta is Andrew’s mother.





Practice Questions:
1. Patch and Emma
(Patch = cat; Emma = owner)




2. Tina and Annie
(Tina = mother; Annie = daughter)




3. Rich and Rob
(Rich = twin brother; Rob = twin brother)




4. Carl and Hannah
(Carl = husband; Hannah = wife)




5. Jack and Jenny
(Jack = grandfather; Jenny = granddaughter)




6. Ali and Fatima
(Ali = brother; Fatima = sister)




7. Yvette, Harriette and Belinda
(Yvette = mother; Harriette = daughter/sister; Belinda = daughter/sister)



8. Elizabeth and Gee-Gee
(Elizabeth = owner; Gee-Gee = horse)




9. Ahmed and Rahim
(Ahmed = father; Rahim = son)




10. Fabio and Elisabetta
(Fabio = cousin; Elisabetta = cousin)




11. Mike, Paula and Ian
(Mike = uncle/husband; Paula = aunt/wife; Ian = nephew)



12. Tomas, Ingrid and Ronald
(Tomas = brother/great-nephew; Ingrid = sister/great-niece; Ronald = great-uncle)




1. Patch is Emma’s cat. OR Emma is Patch’s owner.

2. Tina is Annie’s mother. OR Annie is Tina’ daughter. 

3. Rich is Rob’s twin brother. OR Rob is Rich’s twin brother.

4. Carl is Hannah’s husband. OR Hannah is Carl’s wife.

5. Jack is Jenny’s grandfather. OR Jenny is Jack’s granddaughter.

6. Ali is Fatima’s brother. OR Fatima is Ali’s sister.

7. Yvette is Harriette and Belinda’s mother. OR Harriette and Belinda are Yvette’s daughters.
Harriette is Belinda’s sister OR Belinda is Harriette’s sister. 

8. Elizabeth is Gee-Gee’s owner. OR Gee-Gee is Elizabeth’s horse.

9. Ahmed is Rahim’s father. OR Rahim is Ahmed’s son.

10. Fabio is Elisabetta’s cousin. OR Elisabetta is Fabio’s cousin.

11. Mike and Paula are Ian’s uncle and aunt. OR Ian is Mike and Paula’s nephew.
Mike is Paula’s husband. OR Paula is Mike’s wife.

12. Tomas and Ingrid are Ronald’s great-nephew and great-niece. OR Ronald is Tomas and Ingrid’s great-uncle.
Tomas is Ingrid’s brother. OR Ingrid is Tomas’s sister. 

See you next lesson!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 10: What’s Your Name?

learn beginner english online free possessive adjectives and to be verb

Hey guys!

Today’s beginner English lesson is called “What’s Your Name?”. In this lesson we will learn how to use possessive adjectives (my/your/his/her) and the verb “to be”.




Question: What’s my/your/his/her name?

Answer: Possessive Adjective My, Your, His, Her + name + Verb To be + Name


1. Chris
What’s your name?
My name is Chris.





2. Timmy
What’s his name?
His name is Timmy.





3. Maria
What’s her name?
Her name is Maria.





4. Wilma
What’s my name?
Your name is Wilma.





Practice Questions:

1. Ali
What’s his name?
His name is Ali.




2. Elsie
What’s your name?




3. Robbie
His name is Robbie.




4. Carla
My name is Carla.




5. Denise
What’s her name?




6. Stan
What’s your name?




7. Pablo
His name is Pablo.




8. Anna
What’s my name?




9. Sheila
Her name is Sheila.




10. Ron
What’s your name?




11. Gina
Your name is Gina.




12. Theo
What’s his name?




13. Jackie
My name is Jackie.




14. Regine
What’s her name?




15. Bill
His name is Bill.





1. His name is Ali.

2. My name is Elsie.

3. What’s his name?

4. What’s your name?

5. Her name is Denise.

6. My name is Stan.

7. What’s his name?

8. Your name is Anna.

9. What’s her name?

10. My name is Ron.

11. What’s my name?

12. His name is Theo.

13. What’s your name?

14. Her name is Regine.

15. What’s his name?

I hope this lesson was helpful for you. Have a great day!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 9: Countries in Africa Mind Map

learn english countries in africa mind map

Hi guys!

Today’s beginner lesson is a mind map of countries in Africa.




Click Below for the Countries in Africa Mind Map:







(Click here for the PDF)

Example Sentences:

1. Egypt is famous for its history.
2. The tallest mountain in Africa is in Tanzania.
3. The 2010 World Cup was in South Africa.
4. People in Mozambique speak Portuguese.
5. Uganda is in East Africa.
6. Mauritania is in the Sahara Desert.
7. The Gambia is a very small country.
8. A lot of tea and coffee are grown in Kenya.
9. Namibia is next to the Atlantic Ocean.
10. The capital city of Libya is Tripoli.
11. Timbuktu is a famous town in Mali.
12. Last year my cousin went to Zambia.
13. Africa is the second largest continent.
14. The population of Ethiopia is 82 million.
15. Algeria is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. 

When you learn English it is good to know the names of different countries in English. Why not print the mind map and put it on your wall?

See you next time!




Beginnner Season 1, Lesson 8: Where is He From?

where is he from

Hi everyone! Today let’s learn the subject pronouns “he” and “she” to say where someone is from.





Where is He From? “He” and “She” Subject Pronouns

This is Minsu.
He’s from Korea.





This is Monique.
She’s from France.




We use he for a male (man/boy).
We use she for a female (woman/girl).

subject pronoun + to be + from + place
         he/she         +     is    + from + Korea/France/London/Cairo

Let’s practise!

Practice Questions

1. Mr.Wang, China

This is Mr. Wang.
He’s from China.




2. Toni, Canada





3. Maria, Madrid





4. Martin, Sweden





5. Anna, Moscow





6. Harry, Scotland





7. Kihomi, Tokyo





8. Mr.Jones, Wales





9. Sunita, New Delhi





10. Lionel, Argentina





11. Fatima, Tehran





12. Salma, Ecuador






This is Mr.Wang.
He’s from China.

This is Toni.
She’s from Canada.

This is Maria.
She’s from Madrid.

This is Martin.
He’s from Sweden.

This is Anna.
She’s from Moscow.

This is Harry.
He’s from Scotland.

This is Kihomi.
She’s from Tokyo.

This is Mr.Jones.
He’s from Wales.

This is Sunita.
She’s from New Delhi.

This is Lionel.
He’s from Argentina.

This is Fatima.
She’s from Tehran.

This is Salma.
She’s from Ecuador.

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Have a great day!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 7: Rooms of a House Mind Map

learn english online free rooms of a house mind map vocabulary

Hello guys,

Today’s mind map is Rooms of a House. There is lots of useful vocabulary here.

Click below for the Rooms of a House Mind Map:


(Click here for the PDF version)




Example sentences:

1. I had dinner in the dining room.
2. Let’s make a cake in the kitchen.
3. I’m going to do some work in the study.
4. Put your backpack in the bedroom.
5. There’s no shampoo in the bathroom.
6. I have some boxes in the attic.
7. Please get some wine from the cellar.
8. I slept in the lounge last night.
9. She is spending time in the garden.
10. My car is in the garage.
11. It’s very warm in the conservatory.
12. I am painting the storage room today.

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Have a great day!




Beginner Season 1, Lesson 6: Who Are You??!!

who are you

Hi guys!

Let’s learn how to use the verb “to be” to say someone’s name.




to be
I am = I’m
You are = You’re
He is = He’s
She is = She’s
It is = It’s
We are = We’re
You are = You’re
They are = They’re


Saying someone’s name
I’m Chris Thompson.
You’re Mr.Smith.
She’s Maria.
We’re Jason and Andrea.
They’re the Ali family.

Now let’s practise! Click here for the practice PDF.

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Have a great day!