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Intermediate Season 1, Lesson 14: The Simple Present and The Present Progressive

learn English online free intermediate lesson the present simple and present progressive 1

Hi everyone!

In today’s lesson we will study the present simple and the present progressive tenses. These are very simple. But many students make a mistake and use the wrong one! So we will make sure you know which one to use.

1. The Present Simple

This describes:
- A fact. 
“I work for a bank.”
“She is a student.”
“France is in Europe.”
“The dog is on the sofa.” 

She is a nurse.

- A sequence of events in the present.
“I go to work at 8 o’clock, have lunch at 1 o’clock and go home at 5 o’clock.”
“She makes dinner for her kids and then washes the dinner.”
“The sun goes down and it gets dark.”

To make the present simple:
Subject +  Verb infinitive
“I play football on Saturdays.”
“We have lunch at 12:30pm.”
(For he/she/it): Subject + Verb infinitive-s/es
“He needs a new jacket.”
“She watches a movie every Friday evening.” 

2. The Present Progressive

This describes:
- Something happening right now.
 ”We are waiting for a phone call.”
“I am eating a sandwich.”
“The players are getting ready for the game.” 

- A plan for the future.
“He’s going to Africa next year.”
“I’m playing football on Saturday.”
“We are leaving soon.” 

He is reading a book.

To make the present progressive:
Subject + to be Verb + Verb-ing
I/You/He/She/It/We/You/They + am/are/is + eating/reading/going
“I am going to France tomorrow.”
“She’s running a marathon.”
“They are coming over later.”

Now try the quiz!

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