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Beginner Podcast S1E2: I Have Two Dogs!

learn English online free podcast 2

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the podcast lesson!

Here is the podcast:

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Here is the text: I have two dogs. They are very beautiful. I haven’t got a cat. I’ve got a brother. His name is Paul. I don’t have a sister. I’ve got a bike, but I haven’t got a car.

Useful Sentences:

I have = I’ve got

"I have a piano."

1. I have (+ noun)
I have two dogs.
I have a piano.
I have six cousins.
I have a white jacket.

2. I’ve got (+ noun)
(I’ve = I have)
I’ve got friends in Canada.
I’ve got a problem!
I’ve got no time.
I’ve got a new book.

"I don't have blue eyes."

I don’t have = I haven’t got

3. I don’t have (+ noun)
(don’t = do not)
I don’t have blue eyes.
I don’t have a dog.
I don’t have long hair.
I don’t have a watch today.

4. I haven’t got (+ noun)
(haven’t = have not)
I haven’t got any money!
I haven’t got a brother.
I haven’t got the book.
I haven’t got a car.


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Beginner Season 1, Lesson 11: William is Kate’s Husband!

learn english online free to be verb and possessive pronouns beginner lesson 11

Hey everyone!

In this beginner English lesson, we will learn how to use the possessive of nouns with the verb “to be”.





noun        +       to be verb (is/are)       +        possessive of noun (“noun’s”)     +      noun
William    +                 is                         +                    Kate’s                                   +      husband


1. Kei and Yuma
Kei is Yuma’s friend.





2. Rover and Rufus, with Mark
Rover and Rufus are Mark’s dogs.
Mark is Rover and Rufus’s owner.



3. Carlos and Eliza
Carlos is Eliza’s husband.




4. Roberta and Andrew
Roberta is Andrew’s mother.





Practice Questions:
1. Patch and Emma
(Patch = cat; Emma = owner)




2. Tina and Annie
(Tina = mother; Annie = daughter)




3. Rich and Rob
(Rich = twin brother; Rob = twin brother)




4. Carl and Hannah
(Carl = husband; Hannah = wife)




5. Jack and Jenny
(Jack = grandfather; Jenny = granddaughter)




6. Ali and Fatima
(Ali = brother; Fatima = sister)




7. Yvette, Harriette and Belinda
(Yvette = mother; Harriette = daughter/sister; Belinda = daughter/sister)



8. Elizabeth and Gee-Gee
(Elizabeth = owner; Gee-Gee = horse)




9. Ahmed and Rahim
(Ahmed = father; Rahim = son)




10. Fabio and Elisabetta
(Fabio = cousin; Elisabetta = cousin)




11. Mike, Paula and Ian
(Mike = uncle/husband; Paula = aunt/wife; Ian = nephew)



12. Tomas, Ingrid and Ronald
(Tomas = brother/great-nephew; Ingrid = sister/great-niece; Ronald = great-uncle)




1. Patch is Emma’s cat. OR Emma is Patch’s owner.

2. Tina is Annie’s mother. OR Annie is Tina’ daughter. 

3. Rich is Rob’s twin brother. OR Rob is Rich’s twin brother.

4. Carl is Hannah’s husband. OR Hannah is Carl’s wife.

5. Jack is Jenny’s grandfather. OR Jenny is Jack’s granddaughter.

6. Ali is Fatima’s brother. OR Fatima is Ali’s sister.

7. Yvette is Harriette and Belinda’s mother. OR Harriette and Belinda are Yvette’s daughters.
Harriette is Belinda’s sister OR Belinda is Harriette’s sister. 

8. Elizabeth is Gee-Gee’s owner. OR Gee-Gee is Elizabeth’s horse.

9. Ahmed is Rahim’s father. OR Rahim is Ahmed’s son.

10. Fabio is Elisabetta’s cousin. OR Elisabetta is Fabio’s cousin.

11. Mike and Paula are Ian’s uncle and aunt. OR Ian is Mike and Paula’s nephew.
Mike is Paula’s husband. OR Paula is Mike’s wife.

12. Tomas and Ingrid are Ronald’s great-nephew and great-niece. OR Ronald is Tomas and Ingrid’s great-uncle.
Tomas is Ingrid’s brother. OR Ingrid is Tomas’s sister. 

See you next lesson!