Beginner Season 1, Lesson 7: Rooms of a House Mind Map

learn english online free rooms of a house mind map vocabulary

Hello guys,

Today’s mind map is Rooms of a House. There is lots of useful vocabulary here.

Click below for the Rooms of a House Mind Map:


(Click here for the PDF version)




Example sentences:

1. I had dinner in the dining room.
2. Let’s make a cake in the kitchen.
3. I’m going to do some work in the study.
4. Put your backpack in the bedroom.
5. There’s no shampoo in the bathroom.
6. I have some boxes in the attic.
7. Please get some wine from the cellar.
8. I slept in the lounge last night.
9. She is spending time in the garden.
10. My car is in the garage.
11. It’s very warm in the conservatory.
12. I am painting the storage room today.

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