Beginner Season 1, Lesson 13: Is Brazil Big or Small?

learn English online free beginner English lesson to be verb lesson 13

Is Brazil big or small?
It’s big.

Hey everybody!

Today we will use the verb to be to describe things. We will also learn lots of useful adjectives.


Question: to be verb +               noun                  +               adjective 1         + or + adjective 2 ?
Is/Are +   Chris/France/curry  + tall/interesting/tasty + or + short/boring/disgusting

Answer: pronoun                 + to be verb + adjective
+       is/are     + intelligent/exciting/cold


1. Is the Queen young or old?
She’s old.





2. Are tigers beautiful or ugly?
They’re beautiful.





3. Is a sports car fast or slow?
It’s fast.





4. Are sofas comfortable or uncomfortable?
They’re comfortable.





Practice Questions:

1. Are elephants heavy or light?
They’re heavy.





2.  Is Tony fat or thin?





3. Is Dubai hot or cold?





4. Are crocodiles green or blue?





5. Are diamonds cheap or expensive?





6. Is Roger tall or short?





7. Is a cave light or dark?





8. Are the shoes clean or dirty?





9. Is Rena happy or sad?





10. Is the car modern or old-fashioned?





11. Is English easy or difficult?





12. Is dancing fun or boring?





13. Is her hair long or short?





14. Is Mark’s skin black or white?





15. Is Annie African or Asian?






1. They’re heavy.

2. He’s fat.

3. It’s hot.

4. They’re green.

5. They’re expensive.

6. He’s tall.

7. It’s dark.

8. They’re dirty.

9. She’s happy.

10. It’s old-fashioned.

11. It’s easy! (at

12. It’s fun.

13. It’s short.

14. It’s black.

15. She’s Asian.

Have a great day!


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