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Tower Bridge in London

A few weeks ago I took a trip to London to see some friends. While I was there I decided to take a trip to Tower Bridge. You can see the picture here which I took that evening. I was lucky to be there at a time when they were opening the bridge. If you click on the picture you can see a boat sailing through.

Many people mistakenly think this bridge is called London Bridge. But London Bridge is further West along the River Thames.

If you would like to use this picture you are welcome to do so. If you would like the original, high quality photo, please email me at [email protected]

Short Lesson 1: Past Tense of Read

past tense of read








I read a book past tense = I read a book.

What? Is that a mistake?


What is the past tense of read?

It’s very easy. Let’s look at this verb.

to read (verb)
Present: read (“reed”)

Listen to

Past: read (“red”)
Listen to

Past Participle: read (“red”)
Listen to

So as you can see, the past tense of read (and the past participle of read) is spelt the same as the present tense. But the pronunciation is different. Instead of being pronounced “reed”, the past tense of read is pronounced “red”.


Past: read (“red”)
Last year I read a lot of books.

Listen to

They read the sign.
Listen to

You read all of his letters.
Listen to

They read the instructions and started the exam.
Listen to

When I read the comic I felt relaxed.
Listen to

She read my diary!
Listen to

Past Participle: read (“red”)
I’ve read the new Harry Potter book.

Listen to

Have you read today’s newspaper?
Listen to

We haven’t read enough books.
Listen to

Has he read the rules?
Listen to

She had already read the essay.
Listen to

They’ve read a lot of magazines today.
Listen to


Key Points:
1. The spelling of read in the past tense is the same as the spelling of read in the present tense!
2. But the pronunciation of read in the past tense sounds like “red”!

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Beginner Season 1, Lesson 6: Who Are You??!!

who are you

Hi guys!

Let’s learn how to use the verb “to be” to say someone’s name.




to be
I am = I’m
You are = You’re
He is = He’s
She is = She’s
It is = It’s
We are = We’re
You are = You’re
They are = They’re


Saying someone’s name
I’m Chris Thompson.
You’re Mr.Smith.
She’s Maria.
We’re Jason and Andrea.
They’re the Ali family.

Now let’s practise! Click here for the practice PDF.

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Have a great day!


Beginner Season 1, Lesson 5: Countries in Europe Mind Map

europe mind map picture

Hi everybody!

Today we have another useful mind map- Countries in Europe. You can learn all of these countries in English.




Click Below for the Countries in Europe Mind Map:







(Click here for the PDF)

Example sentences:

1. My sister lives in Ireland.
2. Next week I am going to Lithuania.
3. Russia is the biggest country in the world.
4. Dutch people are from the Netherlands.
5. Cyprus is an Island.
6. Albania is in South-East Europe.
7. My English teacher is from the U.K.
8. San Marino is a tiny country.
9. The Pope lives in Vatican City.
10. Spain and Portugal are next to each other.
11. Greece has a wonderful climate.
12. Italy has an incredible history.
13. Even though it is small, Switzerland is very rich.
14. People in Austria speak German.
15. There are volcanoes in Iceland.

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Beginner Season 1, Lesson 4: Feelings Mind Map


Hey everyone!

Today we have a very useful mind map for you. It is “Feelings“ vocabulary. You can print this mind map, or view it on your screen.



Click below for the Feelings Mind Map:







(Click here for the PDF)

How to use these words

These are feelings adjectives. 

Use them with:
- to be (verb)
- to feel (verb)


1. I feel very tired today.
2.  She is quite happy.
3. We were angry.
4. Are you excited about the summer?
5. I was sad when I heard the bad news.
6. Don’t feel depressed!
7. You‘re a lucky guy!
8. His Uncle will be furious.
9. We used to be keen on tennis.
10. That movie is awful!
11. The puppy is so curious.
12. Canada is a peaceful country.
13. I feel disappointed about the exam.
14. He felt lonely without his friends.

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